California State Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association


Thank you to Kathy Lugo for being our Sweepstakes Chairperson

THE TOP TEN CAL STATE MEMBERS WHO FINISH IN THE TOP TEN IN SWEEPSTAKES POINTS AT THE END OF THE YEAR, GET MONEY BACK. The amount depends on how many shows are sanctioned with Cal State, and how many animals are shown at the sanctioned show.

Please remember to ALWAYS put your Cal State membership number on your entry form. Those of you who use a computer entry form need to put your number in the computer. Last year there were 10 members at a show in Hanford that used computer forms and they did not have their CSRCBA number on them. Show secretaries do not know if you are a CSRCBA member unless you put your number on the entry form.  So, remember to put your Cal State number on all your entry forms whether or not the show catalog says the show is sanctioned, put it anyway. There are also members who forget to renew their memberships. You don't get your points if you a not a member n good standing. There are also people who are not members that usually get a lot of points at the shows which could put them in the top ten sweepstakes points. Tell your friends about joining CSRCBA, they may not even know about our club. 

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Mail Sweepstakes Requests to:

Sanction Fees: 

$15 Per Open All Breed Show

$10 Per Youth All Breed Show

$10 for Open & YOuth Specialty Show

Send sanctions to:

 Kathy Lugo

Cal State Sweepstakes

13081 Hood AVe

Hanford, CA 93220  

Points will be awarded based on 6 times the number in the class for 1st; 4 times the number in the class for 2nd; 3 times the number in the class for 3rd, 2 times the number in the class for 4th and 1 times the number in the class for 5th. Exhibitors showing multiple breeds will have their points from each breed combined for an overall point total.